Stories that inspire you to elevate your customer experience and employee experience.

Omni Channel Customer Experience

Not an option, but a strategic necessity

Globally companies lose over US$300 billion each year due to poor customer experience with more than two-third of this being spent with competing entities.

Unified Agent Desktop

Glue for delivering great Customer Experience

Frost & Sullivan believes that contact centres have a tremendous opportunity to move from a cost focus to a value-add focus; from merely satisfying consumers to creating delighted brand advocates and loyal customers.

Accelerating growth through a digital first strategy

In this document, Ovum discusses key drivers of the digital economy, and the need for a digital first approach to growing the business, with an emphasis on interaction within apps.

Virtual Banking, Delivering the Promise

Virtual banks or banks without branches / limited branches have existed in several countries earlier in many forms. What then, is this fuzz about Virtual Banking?

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