Case Studies

57 %

Call Closure Rate (CCR)

Last 12 months consistently performing at an avg.

90 %

Average Task completion Rate (TCR)

Business Banking Commercial Service Centre

Improve Customer Experience, Customer Satisfaction, Reduce Cost of Service of Malaysia’s FS Leader and one of World’s 10 strongest $100 billion assets banks.

Challenges / Opportunity

  • Existing IVR usage is low
  • Caller experience can be significantly improved
  • Offload agent assisted calls (transactions) that can be better handled by IVR
  • Design intelligent workflow considering call center statistics, customer profile, interaction history, predicted usage etc.
  • High cost of service, Poor customer experience (frustration in interactions), poor customer service (owing to low TCR, FACR)
  • Low agent morale handling disgruntled, frustrated customers

Benefits / Outcome

  • Last 12 months consistently performing at an avg. Call Closure Rate (CCR) = 57%
  • RM 5M savings/month due to IVR Closure’ assuming RM11/call & avg. 455K calls contained within IVR
  • Average Task completion Rate (TCR) = 90%
  • Average First Attempt Completion Rate (FACR) = 59%
  • Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) has increased from 8.85 to 20 (Feedback from callers about Avaya IVR captured in the Survey reports)
  • Improved customer experience, user friendliness & customer satisfaction helps customer retention, upgrade and acquisition while reducing cost of service, retention & acquisition.