TMAC Release Notes

2019 Oct 10TMAC Server3.2.10.10NewAdded new functionality to get wallboard data across TMAC servers.
NewAdded ‘Channel’ to sms template department.
ChangeFor custom UUI extractor added new parameter UCID.
NewNew config [UUI_CustomLibraryMethod] key added to define the CustomUUIExtractor method.
NewAgentID will be added to agent skill list if SMSAPI return AgentID for AgentSkills.
FixIf MonitorBCMS is not enabled, It was trying to fetch the data on agent login, issue fixed.
2019 Oct 15TMAC Server3.2.10.10ChangeChanges made to check for IVR data if the incoming call has UUI.
2019 Oct 07TMAC Server3.2.10.07ChangeExposed new method to get the dashboard color codes
NewAdded a new parameter UUI in customer details
2019 Sep 29TMAC Server3.2.09.2701FixChannel limit was not working when multiple textchat interaction items are in queue issue fixed [quick fix].
2019 Sep 27TMAC Server3.2.09.27NewAdded new feature to prioritize the channel to pull the item from work queue.
NewAdded new feature to monitor BCMS data for the skills. [MonitorBCMSThreshold] key added.
NewFeature to update the customer information from interaction history added.
FixChannel limit was not working when multiple items are in queue issue fixed.
TMAC Proxy3.2.09.27ChangeAgent login method is optimized.
2019 Sep 20Tetherfi Work Assignment3.2.09.20ChangeUpdated TMAC proxy from AMACWeb_Proxy.exe to TmacProxyCli.exe.
FixFixed issues where updating WorkQueue item details to TMAC server would not work.
NewMade provision to include a custom DLL to handle work item addition, routing and abandonment.
ChangeThe existing key “HandleAbandonedItems” specifies if SP is to be executed or not upon work item abandoned.
NewThe key specifies the reasons which should be considered as item abandoned.
2019 Sep 05TMAC Server3.2.09.05NewAdded new method to get agent session info in a TMAC Server.
TMAC Proxy3.2.09.05NewNew logic has implemeted to balance agent login between multiple TMAC server based on server capacity ratio.
2019 Aug 29TMAC Server3.2.08.29FixAgent skill list insert was wrong in AGT Time Track table, issue fixed.
NewTMAC server changes to ignore reply json message when TextChat_FormatChatbotJsonMessage is enabled.
ChangeMade TextChatTranscriptForTransferEvent as IRepeatableUIEvent.
NewSendDTMF and MakeCallWithUUI is exposed to proxy.
NewExposed new method to set broadcast message for list of teams.
NewAdded WCF throttling in TMAC server configuration.
NewAdding agent logs to file is made configurable [Log_AgentLogsToFile].
NewTextchat transcript insert to db fail will log the transcript in logs (log4net configuration can be changed to log in different file).
TMAC Proxy3.2.08.29Added new methods SendDTMF, MakeCallWithUUI and SetBroadcastMessageForTeam.
2019 Aug 20TMAC Server3.2.08.20ChangeDowngrade to “text” when endav is sent from livechat SDK will be done only if the main channel is not “TextChat”.
ChangeIf textchat server sends ‘OnRemoteEndDisconnected’ when the agent disconnect we will not process the OnDisconnect logic as it is already handled on when agent disconnect the chat. (Intermittent issue in textchat server).
ChangeMade GenericInteractionEvent as IPriorityEvent and IRepeatableUIEvent.
FixChange status to “AUX” while “On Call” was not working intermittently.
FixGeneric interaction db insert and Interaction history issue fixed.
TMAC Proxy Service3.2.08.20ChangeAdded new static config which wil handle owin app startup class, If this is not handled when another signalr server app use TmacProxyCli reference there will be an issue in starting the SignalR server.
TMAC Data Server3.2.08.20NewAdded RESTAPI methods.
Added new static config which wil handle owin app startup class, If this is not handled when another signalr server app is referenced there will be an issue in starting the SignalR server.
Tetherfi Work Assignment3.2.08.20ChangeChanged all the queries to parameterized.
ChangeWorkQueueHistory table insert for textchat was failing because of the data size, need to alter the size of column [Data]. Provided the scripts in tables(alter).txt.
2019 Aug 01TMAC Server3.2.08.01NewAdded new parameter in AVControlMessage (avtstatus) to differentiate the avtstatus for CTC/Transfer/Conference or escalate.
NewAdded CurrentAgentStatus and TmacServerName to agent profile model.
ChangeIf the channel is not enabled in the TMAC configuration the tab count of that channel for the agent’s will be removed.
ChangeAdded separate classes for Update, Insert, Delete and Select queries.
ChangeAdded parameterised execution for Insert and Update queries.
ChangeMoved SMSAPI get data methods to separate class SMSAPIDataManager.
ChangeAdded missing NO LOCK in SELECT queries.
Fix“Escalate request rejected by agent” message was coming even after esacalate accept issue fixed.
ChangeMoved Update, Insert and Delete queries to DataManager.
FixTextChatMessageTemplate will not be sent for silent and whisper barge-in agents.
2019 July 04TMAC Server3.2.07.04NewAdded new methods DownloadFaxFile and ResendFax.
NewDuring fax transfer to queue added new property in OtherData, “status = transfer”.
NewAdded new property TempFilePath in FaxReceivedEvent.
ChangeChanged PullQueueItem method logic which will check IsValidToRoute and return IUIEvent.
FixGenericRouter_AllowTransferOnTabLimit condition issue fixed.
2019 July 12TMAC ServerFixNull check is added when lanid is not mapped in db and agent id is null during Login.
NewCustom chat end reason can be sent to chat server when ending the chat. The reason should have prefix “custom_”.
NewTextchat Conference agent events are added to external session monitors.
TMAC ProxyNewAdded RemoveFile method in proxy.
2019 June 27TMAC Server3.2.06.27NewAdded TextChatMessageSentEvent and TextChatMessageTemplateSentEvent to external session monitor
NewLevelHierarchyID and LevelHierarchy will be fetched from DB Agt_Teams table.
NewAgentHierarchy have been implemented – Added new json file AgentHierarchy.json.
ChangeGetFaxLineNumbers, GetFaxAddressBooks, GetFaxRecipients GetFaxTemplateNames methods are moved to AgentSession to support AgentHierarchy.
NewSupervisorID, SupervisorName, LevelHierarchyID, LevelHierarchy, LevelHierarchyFilterType are added to agent session profile and will be exposed to UI.
NewAdded AgentForcedLogoffEvent and LoginReloadEvent to external session monitor.
NewAdded TmacServer in GetLoggedInAgentList.
NewEvents added to AgentSession from external source will be added to external session monitor.
ChangeGetFaxLineNumbers method changed to accept deviceId as a parameter.
ChangeUpdated TFaxerRemoteClient.dll to latest, so there is a new config key to be added, Based on the endpoints configured to connect to TFMC. There are changes in TFMC endpoint contact and endpoint name.
2019 June 14TMAC Server3.2.06.14NewTFaxerRemoteClient is updated to latest.
Fax templates from TFaxerRemoteClient will have templates along with template names. Return to UI in list.
New method added SendMultipleFaxItem to send multiple fax from TMAC UI.
Changed file name from FaxLineNumbersModel to FaxModel.
Added new models FaxFileItems and FaxTemplates.
Added new property AgentFeatures in AgentProfile model. (Added scripts of [AGT_AgentFeature] in tables.txt)
FixFax initiate failed scenario, tmac_interaction insert into db was failing issue fixed.
TMAC ProxyNewAdded 2 new methods UploadFaxFiles and RemoveFaxFiles.
AddEventToAgentSession switch case added “TCWEvent”.
2019 June 06TMAC Server3.2.06.06NewAdded GetFaxAddressBook and GetFaxRecipients methods to get fax address book and fax recipients.
NewAdded property TransferData in InteractionData model.
NewAdded property Type in AgentReminder model.
NewAdded new models FaxAddressBookModel and FaxRecipientListModel.
NewAdded properties IsTransferred, TransferType, SourceAgentId, SourceInteractionId in FaxReceivedEvent event.
NewAdded new event InteractionTransferNotificationCancelEvent.
NewAdded new method CancelInteractionTransferNotification.
NewAdded sourceAgentId and sourceInteractionId in NewFAXReceived.
ChangeChanged the key GenericRouter_AllowTrasferOnTabLimit to GenericRouter_AllowTransferOnTabLimit.
ChangeAlter scripts added for [AGT_Agent_Reminders] tables.
TMAC ProxyNewAdded new method SupervisorInteractionTransfer in proxy for supervisor module.
2019 June 03TMAC Server3.2.06.03NewNew method added TransferInteractionToQueue to transfer interaction to queue.
NewAdded InteractionActions to fax interaction.
2019 May 30TMAC Server3.2.05.30NewAdded new out reason in SendAvControlMessage method.
NewStopped sending ‘endav’ AvControlMessage to chat server when the agent leaves AV conference.
NewAdded 3 new methods SendInteractionTransferNotificationToServer, SendInteractionNotificationResponseToServer and InteractionTransferToServer.
NewAdded new events InteractionTransferNotificationEvent and InteractionTransferResponseEvent.
NewAdded new Skill and FilePath in FaxReceivedEvent for transfer.
NewAdded new config TextChat_ProcessNonJsonAppMessages to ignore non json AppMessages from processing.
ChangeConference type will be tagged to InsertedBy column in Gbl_InteractionHistory table (for interaction history).
NewAdded new config GenericRouter_AllowTrasferOnTabLimit to allow different channel interactions to transfer on tab limit.
TMAC Server3.2.05.15
2019 May 15NewFor Fax interaction, [Fax_Received_Details] table will be updated with the workcode on tabclose.
New method UpdateFaxStatus added to notify TFaxerRemoteClient on print fax.
2019 May 17FixTimedACW timer was not reset when the status is changed manually by agent from ACW.
2019 May 21ChangeFor audio & video interaction sending “endav” signalling message for agent transfer and queue transfer is removed from TMAC server, The same will be implemented in TMAC SDK.
2019 May 09TetherfiWorkAssignment3.2.05.09ChangeWith this version, we don’t have to configure all the skill in skill table for priority routing. We can configure only the priority skills which required priority routing. Any skill not found in the table will be considered the least priority (pri 50)
2019 May 08TMAC Server3.2.05.08NewAdded new key LoginTries to limit max login tries for invalid LANID or invalid LDAP credential. (OCM dependency)
NewAdded new UpdateLoginAttempts to enable/disable login attempts to db. (OCM dependency)
NewExposed new method SaveChatBotFlow for ChatBot to store chatflow for each interaction which will allow the ChatBot to continue the flow when ChatBot server switches.
TMAC ProxyFixWhen Signalr is used as proxy, agent ip was null issue fixed.
2019 April 17TMAC Server3.2.04.17NewExposed new method to TMAC Proxy to update text interaction data using proxy.
NewAdded new feature to check for short call and ignore short if immediately another call is assigned to the agent by CM.
NewAdded new config keys and made short call check and short call timeout configurable. [ShortCallCheckEnabled, ShortCallTimeout].
ChangeUpdated DataLibrary reference of mySql.Data.dll to MySQLConnection dll. [Please remove exisitng mySql.Data.dll].
ChangeUpgraded DataLibrary, AMACWebServerLogic, AMACWebServerWin to .Net framework 4.5.
FixDuplicate SessionID’s were in passed in generate interaction history query, changed by adding distinct of SessionID in query.
NewAdded new key TextChat_BlindTransferCheckQStatus to check queue status before blind transfer.
2019 April 04TMAC Auth Server3.2.04.01 betaChangeIn this release we have recompiled Auth server to work with latest TMAC server.
Please note this is a beta release. Since there is a 15months gap between last release and this release, it has to be tested for all Voice, SMS, Email scenarios.
Also note that the version works with TMAC and above.
2019 April 04TMAC WebSock Proxy3.2.04.01 betaChangeIn this release we have recompiled WebSock proxy server to work with latest TMAC server.
Please note this is a beta release. Since there is a 15months gap between last release and this release, it has to be tested for all Voice, SMS, Email scenarios.
Also note that the version works with TMAC and above.
2019 April 02TMAC Server3.2.04.02NewTMAC Server will support TimeACW for Voice and TextChat channels. TimedACWSkillMap file is used to map the ACW time and Skill.
NewAdded new event AgentTimedACWEvent to notify TMAC UI for Timed ACW actions.
TMAC Proxy Service3.2.04.02NewTMAC Proxy will support both Signalr and REST proxy connection from client and can be configured in config key ‘ProxyTypes’.
NewTConfig loader functionality added. (‘confLoadMode’ is ‘none’ by default so service will take config from ‘TmacProxyCli.exe.config’)
2019 April 01TetherfiWorkAssignment3.2.04.01FixFor RONA supported channels, work items were missing if there are multiple items for same channel.
2019 Mar 21TetherfiWorkAssignment3.2.03.21NewSSL Version can be configured in configuration file.
2019 Mar 20TMAC Server3.2.03.20NewNew method SendIM added to send IM across servers (SendIM to interaction also in the same method) – A new method called SendIM added which can be used for sending IM across servers. Old method SendIMToAgent was able to send messages between agents in the same server only. With this new SendIM method, now we can send IM across servers. This method will be used by TMAC UI and Supervisor module.
ChangeAgentNotificaitonEvent updated by adding FromTmacServer property – To support above SendIM method, TMAC must send the FromTmacServer with AgentNotificaitonEvent so TMAC UI knows where to send the IM
ChangeGBL Intent mapping table last serviced agent update logic changed – TMAC Server reads the GBL_IntentMapping based on sessionid to get the intent list when a new interaction is created. And if no record is found on this table, then TMAC inserts a new record. Then TMAC tries to update the last serviced agent value in GBL_IntentMapping table the same interaction.
This may lead to some DB lock situation because the insert and update both happen from TMAC in two different threads. TMAC should call this update query only if an intent record is found in the table (if IVR or other server has already inserted a record). If TMAC does the insert, there is no need of calling update query because the insert statement contains the last serviced agent. In this TMAC release (DataLibrary.dll), this behavior is fixed by performing update only if an intent record is found in the table. If TMAC inserts the record, then an update will not be called. This should help tp reduce the deadlocks on this GBL_IntentMapping table.
NewAgent session event listeners deregister – TMAC AgentSession class registers for different events (VoiceLibrary, Wallboard, AgentStatusManager), but there was no de-register when AgentSession is terminated. If event handlers are not de-registered, those AgentSession object might not get GC collected. In this release, we have added a cleanup method for agent session to De-Register all event handlers.
To enable this feature, we should enable config as AgentSession_ClearDataOnLogout=1 (this config was introduced in TMAC release to enable clearing data structures in agent session during logout)
FixCheck is this agent is handling the same session id already, then don’t allow to transfer or conference again –
With current TMAC version, the same agent is able to get added to textchat conference twice. In this new version, we added the logic to check if the same agent is already handling the same chat session while doing a transfer or a conference
TMAC Proxy & TMAC Proxy Rest3.2.03.20NewSSL Version can be configured in configuration file.
2019 Mar 07TMAC Server3.2.03.07NewAdded TextChatIncomingEvent to TextChatDisconnectedEvent event data.
Added IncomingCallEvent and OutgoingCallEvent to CallDisconnectedEvent event data for Voice interaction.
NewAdded AgentID as DNIS in TMAC Interaction table for outgoing voice interaction.
ChangeInterchanged the values of User and UserName with DNIS for outgoing Fax interaction in TMAC Interaction table.
TMAC External ConnectorChangeOrder of calling external api was not consistent due to unordered list. Fixed by changing to ordered list
FixAdding Mutilple external connectors was failing. Only one set of connectors were getting called all the time.. Fixed by making the connector list non static
2019 Mar 05TMAC Server3.2.03.05NewWQ routing optimizations for bot agents.
ChangeSupervisor barge in for CM routing is changed to wq routing.
NewInteraction history param can be updated from the client side.
NewAgentSession StartEmbeded router method exception handling added.
NewTextChat interaction – on whisper, when supervisor type, cx should not get the typing indicator. Disabled typing notification for whisper and silent.
NewTextChat interaction – on silent and whisper message wait timers should not be started. Disabled message wait timers for silent and whisper.
NewWhen a chat call received, poll agent state and send status event to tmac ui. This features was there only for WQ routing. Added for voice based chat routing.
FixWhen a silent or whisper agent connected to chat, if the main agent leave the chat, chat should get disconnected – Fixed.
ChangeTextInteraction blind transfer changes (BLIND_TRANSFER_Q).
ChangeAMACDataManager null check for IH reading.
NewAdded new key GenericRouter_BulkProcessWqForAgents to process bulk queue item for agents.
Tetherfi Work Assignment3.2.03.05
NewWorkQueue service code optimisation.
NewWQ routing optimizations for bot agents.
NewMutiple items can be pulled from WQ based on the channel and processed at a time.
2019 Jan 22TMAC Server3.2.01.22NewAdded certification validation callback to AmacWebServerWin
Added version logs for all files in tmac server folder during startup
TextChat configuration is moved from config keys to JSON file where N number of ChatServer can be configured. [TextChat_ServerConfig]
Added an override method for send text chat to send media type (for image), and added msgid which will be sent back to tmac ui with text sent Event
Added more logs to TextInteraction and some extra logs to AgentSession
Wallboard manager to consider sip login for Wallboard
ChangeVoice library TServerSIP updated to use latest SIPClientLIB.dll
Wallboard manager -> InteractionRemoved method to be called from all CloseTab methods (to make sure inactive interactions are removed)
Logger updated by adding a new Method for logging Sensitive data
AMACWebServerLogic, DataLibrary, DataModel, VoiceLibrary, TmacProxy, AmacWebroxy, TetherfiHttpProxies version updated to (include all these files in release)
FixEndAV json message format issue Fixed
2019 Jan 10TMAC Server3.2.01.10NewAdded new key AgentSession_MaxAgentsAllowed to configure maximum number of agent session per TMAC Server by default, TMAC license MaxAgentsAllowed will override this value.
ChangeUpdated Tetherfi License server reference.
ChangeDeveloper license will take MaxAgentsAllowed from AgentSession_MaxAgentsAllowed config key and Evaluation key should be configured with MaxAgentsAllowed.
2019 Jan 07TMAC Server3.2.01.07NewAdded new key TextChat_IgnoreAppMessageTypes to ignore app message type insert to db
2019 Jan 03TMAC Server3.2.01.03ChangeChanged wallboard manager (poll TSAPI for skill status), use Configuration to define the iteration count before a thread sleep and the time to sleep between iterations. This is to reduce the Wallboard refresh time.
NewAdded CallStatus property in TMAC Interactions (Please update TMAC_Interactions table with the provided scripts).
NewAdded SourceAgentID and SourceInteractionID for workqueue routing textchat transfer and conference.
FixFor custom chat transfer the channel was taken as TextChat by default issue fixed.
FixSet WorkCode and remove WorkCode the channel was taken as TextChat by default issue fixed.
FixFor custom chat, silent bargein parameter chatmode was taken as text by default issue fixed.
NewAdded DNIS in TMAC Interactions for SMS.
FixVoice library TServerDummy updated to handle pending state change along with IDLE and onCall talk states. This is fix the issue which caused agent state to change to Available for one second before going to ACW when pending ACW is requested for chat calls in non-pbx mode.
NewNew data model added VIPDataModel.
NewNew method GetVipData added to return a list of VIPDataModel reading from GBL_Custom_ContactList table. UI call this method to read special VIP data for different custom solutions.
FixWhen SIP based Avaya station is not registered, TMAC was showing error as “invalid agent id”. After this version it will show “station not registered”.
ChangeAMACWebServerLogic, DataModel, DataManager, VoiceLibrary, AMACWebProxy, TmacProxy, TmacHttpProxy projects recompiled with new version (
FixFor textchat silent monitoring ingore db insert to GBL_Interactions table.
Fix“Transfer Conference From Agent” is having incorrect agent id value in Agent Interaction Report for textchat wq routing issue fixed.
ChangeChanged wallboard manager (poll TSAPI for skill status), use Configuration to define the iteration count before a thread sleep and the time to sleep between iterations. This is to reduce the Wallboard refresh time.
NewFor text chat ‘endav’ request sent from chat ui app, TMAC will auto trigger a tempalte message to user based on the endav reason. This template name has to be configured in a json file and point TextChat_EndAVTemplatesJsonFile config value to the json file path. Json file should have a list key value pairs with reason as the key and template name as the value. If the template for given name is not found in tempalte tables, TMAC will use the template name as the message. If the key is not found in json file, TMAC will send the same endav reason as the message.
2018 Dec 17TMAC Server3.1.12.17FixFor dummy chat channels Queuetime was incorrect issue fixed
NewParentID added to load workcodes with groups
NewAgent AccessRole will be passed to UI to filter the agent based on accessrole
2018 Dec 06TMAC Server3.1.12.06FixInteraction history reading for mysql DB had a syntax error with nolock
NewAll write queries can be queued and processed sequentially based on config
FixUpdate of ACD inbound call on call disconnect was calling even when ACD inbound call flag is disabled. Fixed the issue
NewTwo different config values defined for DB read and write and read queries (write will use existing config key. New key added for read)
FixNew key added to stop adding chatbot json message to transcript and format the message to save interaction data to DB
ChangeGet all the last serviced agent list (Comma seperated) to show in UI
ChangeMade changes to support recorder extensions range in big numbers where integer doesn’t support.. example: 6563010001-6563010099;
TMAC External Connect3.1.12.04Fixexternal connect dll had an issue with external connector name initialization – Fixed
2018 Nov 23TMAC Server3.1.11.23NewNew data layer integration for Dashboard and Interaction History
FixAgentLogin_CheckStationValidity had events being ignored issue fixed
ChangeTextInteraction recovery updated
ChangeGetAgentList cache will be reloaded on every agent login
ChangeInteractionData – added new prop TmacServerName
NewAdded GetMiniDashboard method to proxy to connect to dataserver
ChangeUpdated data server reference
ChangeUpdate login json data and agent password on session takeover
NewUse JSON file to load skill list for specified agents when sms api is not avail or gives null/empty skill list while agent login
ChangeTriggerSkillQueue removed from GetCIQ (wallboard) thread and moved to a seperate thread. When there are lots of skills in wallboard, this trigger was happening slowly (6sec+time to get skill stat from TSAPI)
TMAC Data Server3.1.11.23FixCallback and voice dashboard data was giving wrong data issue fixed
NewFax data added
NewTMAC server integration to send GenericTMACEvent for MiniDashboardData to TMAC UI through TMAC server
NewDashboard data can be sent to TMAC UI through TMAC/Signalr is configurable
NewMethod added to get Dashboard from throught TmacDataServerClient
NewTconfig loader integrated
2018 Oct 31TMAC Server3.1.10.31ChangeTMAC Models all DateTime props changed to have default value as DateTime.Now
NewWorkCode functionality added for TextInteraction
NewSelect the voice library type (dummy, sip, tsapi) based on config for each agent login (config in JSON file)
NewIf Login command sends same value for station id and lanid, change VL type to dummy (Cti_DynamicVLTypeEnabled should be 1 in config)
ChangeAMACWebServerCustomLayer.dll updated to use lates TMAC dll and Moleds
ChangeExternalConnect updated to call external servers cluster
ChangeClear AgentSession data objects on agent logout
NewSkip LDAP auth for specially configured LAN IDs (used for chatbot)
ChangeIn WallboardManager, read CIQ stats from both WQ and CTI then merge together (wallboard and get skill status for vdn)
ChangeWhen a transfered TCamp call is received to TMAC, it was not assigning correct SubType to call event. So TMAC UI was not able to recognize transfered call as TCamp call. Issue fixed in this version
NewWhen Avaya SIP are used for TMAC login, Avaya (TSAPI) allows to perform AgentLogin even if the phone is not actually registered. In this TMAC version we have introduced a mechanism to validate if SIP phone is available by dialing a call from that SIP phone. During Agent login, if TSAPI agent login is success, TMAC will check for the type of station. If the station type is a SIP type then it will dial a number configured in “AgentLogin_CheckStationValidityNumber”. If call is success, TMAC will continue agent session. Else it will logout the session.
ChangeChangeStatus method changed to call AgentStatusManager_AgentStatusChanged so that skillaux can be triggered properly when OCM/SMS API change agent state
ChangeLibtextchat.exe and CommLib.dll new version added
NewSendReQueueRequest method added to TextChatIneraction to re route chat to queue via chat server
NewAMACDataManager history data reader, insertedByAgentName changed to have agent username also
2018 Oct 31TMAC REST Server3.1.10.31ChangeTMAC REST API changed to handle CORS
2018 Oct 25SMS API3.1.10.25ChangeSMS API to use AMACWebProxy exe to connect to tmac for agent state change after skill Update
SMS API all config moved to ConfigData
TSAPI class updated to use VoiceLibrary_AXCIS dll
2018 Oct 08TMAC Server3.1.10.08ChangeGenericCtiEvent and GenericCallEvent was using GenericEvent which was a normal event (not IPriority, IRepeatable event).
In this new TMAC version we have converted above two events to to use new GenericCtiEvent structure which is a priority and repeatable event.
2018 Oct 04TMAC Server3.1.10.04FixThis TMAC version was released to address a critical security vulnerability (SQL Injection) detected for below two commands:
– Login/LoginWithPassword
– SetBroadcastMessage
ChangeNow we can configure TMAC to accept agent username in three different ways while login
2 = Use only LanId without domain
1 = Use Domain\LanId
0 = Any of above two accepted (default)
2018 Oct 02TMAC Server – Chat Interaction3.1.10.02FixText interaction issue with app messages adding to transcript history fixed.
ChangeTextchat using CM routing will use same valid route logic as WQ routing for transfer and conference
ChangeAdded channel limitation check in IsValidToRoute method
FixChat barigin in proxy when using wq had lineid issue. Fixed
FixTextChat interaction active and hold time realtime updates added
TMAC Server – Generic3.1.10.02FixFor non interaction tabs when it is closing, remove interaction was calling. Issue fixed
ChangeIf agt_channel count table doesn’t have any data for an agent, use tmac profile table to get textchat,email and voice tab counts.
ChangeTeam based work code loading changed to load full if team it not provided
NewAn interface dll added to send external events to external servers (iServer, VBServer etc). With this we can decouple customer server logic from tmac and those can be built seperatly an run as seperate windows services
NewTmacExternalConnectorApi can be used by customer server which runs outside tmac. TMAC will send invoke events to this wcf interface
ChangeMade changes to pass generic events to UI.
ChangeAll data models moved to DataModel.dll
FixTmac takeover with password was not working. Fixed in http proxy
FixLdap was allowing login with empty password. Fixed in tmac server
ChangeInteractionHistoryReadyEvent added to inform UI when IH is ready. Previously it was using NotitifactionEvent which was not a repeatable event (So after tmac UI reload IH was not loading)
TMAC Server – FaxInteraction3.1.10.02NewFaxout reason in FaxInteraction
NewFax Interaction active, hold time added
FixFax send was not adding to Interaction history. Issue fixed
NewFax create and close reason for FaxInteraction added.
2018 Sep 19TMAC Server3.1.09.19NewCheck valid to route for textchat transfer CM routing
Textchat using CM routing will use same logic as WQ routing for transfer and conference
Added channel limitation check in IsValidToRoute method
ChangeChanged TMAC_DownloadFileFromPath method parameters, added AgentName
FixFax queue time was not showing issue fixed
For non interaction tabs when it is closing remove interaction was called issue fixed
If no agt_channel count table doesnt have any data for an agent, use tmac profile table to get textchat,email and voice tab count
2018 Sep 18TMAC Server3.1.09.18NewText interaction issue with app messages adding to transcript history
Changed Tmac_SendFax and SendTemplateFax paramters
Drop and create the user data table
2018 Sep 18Tetherfi Work Assignment3.1.09.18NewSkill priority based routing added
2018 Sep 14TMAC Server3.1.09.14NewFeature added to allow writing a custom code to parse UUI data.
ChangeDuring agent login to get agent id from Agt_Agent table, now we use domain also. Agt_Agent table can have lanid with or without domain name
FixData insert to TMAC_Interaction_Actions table converted to parameterized sql
NewQueue time for fax interaction
2018 Sep 14TMAC Proxy Rest3.1.09.14NewThis is new product which can be used as an alternative for TetherfiHttpProxy/TmacProxy.asmx. This can be installed as a WindowsService without IIS and can be connected directly from TMAC UI.
2018 Sep 03TMAC3.1.09.03NewText chat interaction updated to support dummy chats without Tetherfi Chat server
Tmac interaction data insert to db made parameterized sql commands
2018 Aug 24TMAC3.1.08.24ChangeTextInteraction changed to accept user json data in constructor. And parse it to get interaction data.
SetBroadcastMessages method updated to save changed by, changed on and Status along with messages when called from supervisor – Data_BroadcastLastChangedOnFormat
Valid to route textchat for transfer logic changed.
For silent barge in TextChatAgentConnectedEvent and TextChatAgentDisconnectedEvent will not be sent to UI.
NewAdded a new Property to all Events (RecoveryEvent) which can be used by UI to identify events comes after a recovery.
Silent barge in for audio chat implemented.
New column ‘Intent’ added Interaction table. – Data_SaveIntentToInteractionData
InteractionData->UserData added. A new table is added to save user data for interaction. – Data_SaveInteractionUserData
2018 Aug 21TMAC3.1.08.21FixTMAC wallbaord interaction count issue fix
Second time textchat transfer for manual answer agent was getting disconnected issue fixed
Supervisor barge in failed issue fixed
Once agent is disconnected and close TMAC without closing tab, new item is added to history with “CloseAllInteractions” reason – issue fixed
Agent broadcast enable/disable change from OCM was not reflecting in TMAC issue fixed
Agent take over text chat session was not showing agent sent messages issue fixed
Textchat transfer/conference was showing app messages in the transcript issue fixed – TextChat_AddAppMessagesToTranscript
NewAgent message will be sent back to UI as new Event TextChatMessageSentEvent
LDAP login SSL is configurable – AgentLogin_LDAPSecureSocketLayer
2018 Aug 16TMAC3.1.08.16ChangeChanged TransferTextChatToServer to return CommandResultEvent.
NewAdded TeamName to agent profile.
Change the chatmode for escalate added.
Workqueue routing logic for transfer/conference for textchat.
GetWallboard method is added in proxy.
Realtime message check for textchat conference agent app message is added.
Send ‘bye’ to chat server to handle AV connection in mobile app for audio/video transfer.
2018 Aug 08TMAC3.1.08.08ChangeChanging subchannel for escalate is done only if it is accepted from customer side.
AGT_ChannelCount new filed ‘[Enable] (bit)’ added. Bases on this TMAC server will load allowed channel count when agent login.
FixAgent status not changing to OnCall for incoming textchat over WQ issue fixed.
TextChat TrasnferComplete method was getting called twice from UI and Server. Fixed to call is once.
In ProcessRealtimeMessage and SendAvControlMessage, the message writing into db is not in transcript issue fixed.
NewAdded new property IsAgentConferenceChat for TextChatIncomingEvent which will be used by UI to differentiate transfer and conference.
New event (AVControlMessageReceivedEvent) and method (SendAVControlMessage) added to send and receive AV control messages between tmac server and tmac ui (old release was using AppMessages for this).
GenericRouter_LimitCallChannels configuration added to configure channels which will be considered as limit call enabled. When any of these channel interactions are active, TMAC will not route any other interaction (textchat) to agent (only for WQ routing).
Text chat workqueue data is written in JSON format now. Changes TMAC to read data from json.
LoadWorkCodes accept teamid as parameter.
2018 Aug 02TMAC3.1.08.02ChangeInteraction History fetching logic optimised.
FixAV mute/unmute app messages were showing in transcript issue fixed.
Agent setting IsManualInEnabled is enabled for non voice textchat routing, Agent will be moved to ACW after call.
Get agent list channel count issue fix (for supervisor).
GetAgentSessionsList method issue on CurrentChannelCount fixed when interaction list is null or empty
Text interaction group id empty issue fixed (when va group id is disabled).
NewAdded method to get fax templates names.
Added new method to pull item from queue based on channel and itemId, currently we have implemented for Textchat, Fax channels.
Get agent list new property to send allowed channel count.
Get agent status from cti server can be event based now (configurable).
GetAgentSessionsList method to return interaction Active or not.
Transfer uui for non voice textchat routing (to capture transferconferencefrom agent).
2018 July 24TMAC3.1.07.24FixTextchat ACW time issue fixed for non PBX.
Textchat Hold time and Active time issue fixed.
Supervisor forced logout the agent, message will be displayed in tmac ui as expected.
NewTextchat conference data in interaction table added.
Voicelibrary merged to be used as a single library for Non PBX, TSAPI, SIP and CISCO.
2018 July 20TMAC3.1.07.20ChangeChat template is loaded based on time configured in DB.
Added NOLOCK for some queries.
FixAgent tab count selection logic issue fixed.
NewNever timeout TMAC agent sessions (when there is no get event commands).
Enable disable phone session takeover using a global config.
Started adding REST API to TMAC methods.
Change TMAC to use agent TSAPI connection to get agent status in loop.
GetAgentSessionList return model updated to have AgentChannelCount.
To use KMS for password encryption and decryption.
To load configuration from centralized TMC configuration.
2018 July 02TMAC3.1.07.02ChangeEnable disable phone session takeover using a global config.
Never timeout tmac agent sessions (when there is no get event commands).
Change tmac to use agent tsapi connection to get agent status in loop.
Changed TFaxRemoteClient reference to dll from service.
FixSecond chat answer issue fix
NewAdded method to get fax-line number from db
2018 June 26TMAC3.1.06.26NewGeneric cti event and genetic cti command added to exchange exta events and commands between cti server and tmac service consumers (TMAC UI, custom libraries).
2018 June 19TMAC3.1.06.19FixFor workqueue based chat routing, If ACW is enabled after call it was showing ACW-OnCall – Issue fixed to show only “OnCall” until chat disconnects
Interaction history, current chat data was showing”chat disconnect”. – issue fixed to avoid showing “chat disconnect” for ongoing chat
For workqueue routing, Chat queue transfer issue for manual answer – issue fixed to allow manual answer even for a transferred chat.
Interaction history and transfer transcripts was showing audio/video signal messages – issue fixed to avoid showing AV signal messages in IH
For Chat whisper, second agent was not receiving message – issue fixed. Now the second agent can receive the messages while on whisper mode.
Chat auto answer fail issue due to limit call FAC unhold (while using Avaya CM for routing) – issue fixed. Second chat can be auto answered with new release.
Selected chat tab remain in hold state after closing second chat tab (with Avaya CM routing) – issue fixed. Now the selected first tab will go to connected state after closing second chat tab.
Voice callback subsessionid was using first outbound call UCID if agent tries to make more than one outbound call for an assigned callback. – issue fixed. Voice callback subsessionid will have original incoming UCID even for more than one outbound call
When AgentSession_UseMainVoiceLibrary enabled, TS events were logged for all agent sessions- issue fixed to ignore TS events which doesn’t belong to an agent session.
Auto reponse time-out triggered thrice issue fixed.
ChangeFor chat interactions, use VA sessionid as groupid in interaction history. So the VA chats messages and agent chat messages can be shown in interaction history UI.
Use AGT_ChannelCount table to get the allowed tab count for each channel. And the channel name can be a dynamic value which is configured based on installation.
Channel segregation for textchat, audio and video based on type of the chat interaction.
Name of text chat channel changed to “TextChat”.
For text chat AV escalate, update Subchannel with the escalation type (audio, video).
NewAdded chatmode for textchat.
New interaction type created to handle fax (FaxInteraction). Inbound and outbound fax handling added to TMAC and TMAC UI.
Voice library changed by adding SendGenericCTICommand and OnCTIEvent to send generic commands and events between TMAC and CTI server.
Added SendGenericCTICommand method to send generic CTI commands.
2018 May 23TMAC3.1.05.23FixGetQueueStatus for non PBX issue fixed.
Whisper barge in issue fixed by adding new conference agent list and forwarding event.
For non PBX ‘Station in use’ and ‘Destination in use’ is added.
ChangeChanged the logic for TextChatTrascripts, We moved from session level to main level.
Chat session id is passed in TextChatTransferToServer to get transcript by chatSessionID.
Text chat transfer to queue, isTransferred is informed by adding ‘t’ to workqueue ‘otherdata’ paramter.
NewAdded new method GetQueueColorCodes.
Added Transcript for TextChatToQueue.
2018 May 17TMAC3.1.05.17ChangeAgentStaffed details to return stationinfo and logged agent PC IP.
Added Lan ID in return of login errorDetails.
Textchat Disconnect after transfer will return new Reason “AgentChatTransferCompleted”.
2018 Apr 10TMAC3.1.04.10NewAssign VoiceInteraction subSessionId insertion based on config. And use Incoming session id as the subsesison id for outbound calls if made from same tab.
NewTextInteraction sendText chat with template id
NewWorkqueue based routing – routing based on dynamic channels. Channels can be configured in DB
2018 Mar 20TMAC3.1.03.20NewSend Agent Status Change Reason with status event to UI
TMAC3.1.03.20FixTextchat interaction double disconnect command issue fixed
TMAC HTTP Proxy3.1.03.20FixTextchat interaction double disconnect event issue fixed
2018 Mar 15TMAC WS Proxy3.1.03.15Fixstatic Dictionary changed to static concurrent dictionary to avoid dictionary issues
2018 Mar 08TMAC3.1.03.08ChangeNew textchat client library added for RemoteEndClosed with reason code
NewChanges done to find the TextChat interaction subchannel based on customer info json data. Use chatJsonConfig.config to find the SubChannel for text chat
NewWrite chat customer info json data to interaction table (other data column)
NewTo save text chat other data as a Json in interactions table – configurable
2018 Feb 26NewAuto discovery of station number based on agent ID and create agent session without using TSAPI lisence
NewLogin to TMAC without a PBX using dummy stations
NewValidate lanid and password against LDAP for agent logins
NewChat transfer across tmac servers while using workqueue routing
NewLoad AUX codes based on agent’s team
NewAUX change controlled using max count allowed for a given aux type
2018 Feb 20TMAC3.1.02.20NewCapture password from UI to login to Cisco Finesse
ChangeEncrypt MariaDB connection string passwords for master slave config
2018 Jan 25TMAC3.1.01.24ChangeTextchat library updated
NewAppMessages for text chat included
2018 Jan 18TMAC3.1.01.18FixIssue on GetQueueStatus for non Cisco environment fixed.
ChangeFB post channel changes to add picture URL.
ChangeExtra logs added for chat interaction wait timer
2017 Nov 06TMAC3.0.11.06NewMariaDB integration for TMAC
NewCisco finesse support
NewVoice interaction to support camp manager
2017 Oct 25TMAC3.0.10.25NewLoad intents from iw and db and merge both
NewConnect to camp manager to get original UCID for saved contact
2017 Oct 23TMAC3.0.10.23NewRead language list from config
NewChangeLanguage command to change lang before call disconnect
TMAC UINewTMAC Ui changed to show extra ivr data (uui, intent, language)
2017 Oct 09TMAC3.0.10.09Changetext chat interaction changed to stop issuing StopChatSession command to chat server for agent to agent transfers
Newsend Direction,OutgoingCallEvent with CallConnectedEvent to UI and third parties
2017 Oct 04TMAC3.0.10.04FixVoice interaction changes to handle consult transfer party disconnect scenario
NewNew methods added to load the speed dial list based on channel
ChangeInteraction history text filed to save more than 250 chars based on config
FixInteraction history text with single quote was inserting double quotes into DB. Fixed in this version
NewMove agents from once TMAC server to other gracefully
2017 Sep 21TMAC3.0.09.21Changehold timer alert events changed for text chat interactions to send the hold time to UI
FixTSAPI server ManualIn was calling AutoIn. Fixed the issue TSAPI Client library
NewNew message added in chat transcript history for barge-in so the supervisor can see when the transfer happened
2017 Sep 18TMAC3.0.09.18NewWrite all CTI events to TMAC_CTI_Events table
ChangeLimitCallFac enable and disable actions it written to TMAC_Interaction_Actions with the reason and result
FixFirst chat call for a agent session to trigger LimitCallDisable fac
NewSave outbound call ringing event to interaction actions table
NewSave interaction session id to interaction actions table
2017 Sep 12TMAC3.0.09.12ChangeTMAC chat interaction to use config file for chat user data (json) parsing with additonal string operations (split and substring)
NewNew method added in Tmac Http proxy to load staffed agents from all the servers
NewSupervisor chat barge-in across TMAC servers. Supervisor and agent can be in different TMAC servers
2017 Sep 09TMAC3.0.09.06ChangeTMAC chat interaction to use config file for chat user data (json) parsing
NewTMAC to send a logout event to external listeners on logout
2017 Aug 29TMAC3.0.08.29FixTMAC to insert text chat transfer count and transfer agent data to interactions table
2017 Aug 25TMAC3.0.08.25FixInteraction history insert with single quote was failing to text chat data insertions. This issue is fixed in this release
NewTo push Interaction data to multiple data servers
FixLimit call disable on logout function was having issue because the securityLogout was done before make call. Fixed in this release
NewNew incoming call action called “none” added to the list. It can be used when there is no action required but we want to set a sub channel for an interaction
2017 Aug 16AuthServer3.0.08.16ChangeAll DB write transactions changed to asynchronous mode. This is to make sure the TMAC login is not impacted due to a DB slowness. And all dictionaries changed to concurrent to make sure it is thread safe.
2017 Aug 11EMM3.0.08.11FixEMM – Handle outlook email replied data (category) for inbox item and outbox item in two different threads
FixEWS Adaptor – unsubscribe and subscribe for events when a disconnect happens
2017 Aug 10TMAC3.0.08.10NewText Chat Interaction : Calculate Agent Wait time & Customer Wait Time Aggregate for each Interaction
2017 July 20TMAC3.0.07.20NewNew method created in TMAC to add generic events to a agent session from an external applications.
2017 July 19TMAC3.0.07.19ChaneAll static dictionaries converted to concurrent dictionaries. Static dictionaries can sometimes lead to CPU usage issues
NewDial limit call fac enable on login and disable on logout if the total chat tab count is less than 2
2017 July 06TMAC3.0.07.06NewSend Incoming Event as part of Voice Call Connected Event to external server layers
NewSend incoming call event, outbound call event, makecall source and Id to external server layers
NewNew method added to LogoutWithReason for TMAC UI and Supervisor module to call with reason
Newnew EndChatWithReason method added to accept end reason from UI
NewFreezeTextChatAutoResponse method added to stop auto response messages
2017 June 29TSIP3.0.06.29FixMoved all DB writes to new thread to make sure call flow is not affected by DB delays
2017 June 22TMAC Server3.0.06.22ChangeTo send voice incoming event data along with call connected event
ChangeFor chat tab, when closeTab is called, need to check if the interaction is still active and issue EndChat
2017 June 19TSIP3.0.06.19ChangeTo show the actual VDN name in cherry pick list
TMAC Server and Client3.0.06.19New– To have separate roles 1) Normal Agent with Agent functionalities 2) Agent Functionalities & Cherry Picking 3) Agent Functionalities & Supervisor Module
TMAC Client3.0.06.19NewAgents to have ability to initiate an instant message to supervisor an Instant message or a broadcast message is sent if the TMAC is not in focus to enable a pop up / alert window on agent screen
2017 Jun 15TMAC Server3.0.06.15FixSMS CSAT survey trigger for transfer and conference scenario handled. Triggering to first agent or second agent can be configured now
FixInvalid state error during a Text Chat transfer issue fixed
NewInteraction actions implmented for text chat channel
NewInserting interaction actions to Database tables for reporting and troubleshooting purpose
FixIf agent logoff during a AES recovery, the agent session goes to zombie state and when the AES is back the staiton monitor happens again. So station monitor doesn’t get cleared and it impacts other agent logins. Fixed this issue
NewTransfering text chat across TMAC servers enabled
ChangeRelationship added between tables (TMAC_Interactions, AGT_Agent_TimeTrack, AGT_AgentStatusTrack, TMAC_Interaction_Actions) to generate interaction reports easily
EMMChangeEmail manager EWS connector move event handling to be done at only one emm server at a time
2017 May 24TMAC Server3.0.05.24ChangeAdd InteractionID as an additional parameter for external listener servers
NewTextChat – agent requested callback success event is sent to external listener servers
NewTMAC server to notify external listener servers for SelectTab (voice and chat)
FixIssue SecurityLogout on agent session when MonitorStation failure happens due to invalid extension
NewTMAC to notify external listener servers layer for “InteractionCloseEvent” (Tab close) for both voice and chat
NewTMAC chat interaction to send “TextChatUserMessageWaitTimerEvent” event repeatedly when no response from user in given intervals. These intervals and messages will be configured in chat templates
ChangeTMAC server to send CallType with voice call disconnect event
2017 May 22TMAC Server3.0.05.22ChangeTextChatUserConnected event to have TextChatIncomingData, TextChatDisconnect event to have sessionId
TMAC Server3.0.05.22ChangeText chat interaction text in Interaction History to support unicode charactors
Email Server3.0.05.22FixEWS Adaoptor connection reopen on Error and Disconnect made thread safe
2017 May 16TMAC Proxy3.0.05.16ChangeWebSocket layer logs added
2017 May 16TMAC AuthServer3.0.05.16ChangeAuth server old session clearing enabled
2017 May 08TMAC3.0.05.08FixAUX timer was not stopping after a IVR transferred call is sent back to TMAC voice intercation.
2017 Apr 20TMAC3.0.04.20FixThere was an exception during TabClose (interaction close) method which caused the interactions to keep growing. Issue is fixed in this release
NewNew functiontinality added to reload TMAC server configuration in runtime.
NewIntegrated TMAC with Tetherfi CTI server for voice channel operations.
ChangeExtra logs added for TMAC and proxy for event, command (input and output) logging
NewTMAC outbound calling number modification based on configured rules
2017 Apr 03TMAC3.0.04.03ChangeTMAC to support TLS 1.1 and TLS 1.2. TLS version is configurable now. Based on the server TLS version, it can be configured
ChangeLoad Agent list for outbound, transfer, conference in TMAC UI based on team. This setting is configurable
NewCaller ID masking for inbound calls based on predefined rules.
2017 Feb 15TMAC2.1.02.14FixTMAC was starting voice process in multiple threads. Due to this, VP was not started properly. With this new release, TMAC will open VP in a thread safe manner.
2017 Feb 15TMAC2.1.02.14ChangeFAC limit call dialing was failing for voice interaction if the call was connected before limit call fac dialing. With new release, if the fac limit call dialing fails in incoming event, it will be tried again in connect event by putting main call to hold and then unhold it.
2017 Feb 15TMAC2.1.02.14ChangeUUI data event changed to a priority event
2017 Feb 15TMAC2.1.02.14FixFor TextChatInteraction, after an AES recovery RemoteUserConnectedEvent was receiving before IncomingCallEvent. With this new release event sequnce if fixed.
2017 Feb 15TMAC2.1.02.14NewNew data insered to TMAC interactions table (Transfer and Conference out count, Transfer anc conference out agent Id, AcwTime, QueueTime)
2017 Feb 15TMAC2.1.02.14NewA socket server added to TMAC to send all agent session events to any third party via a web socket connection
2017 Jan 25TMAC2.1.01.25FixFix for issue reported during text chat channel json related changes
2017 Jan 11TMAC2.1.01.11NewInteraction recovery during TMAC server failure for TextChatInteraction added
2017 Jan 10TMAC2.1.01.10FixFor text chat channel, incoming event and connect event sequence was wrong after AES recovery. This issue is fixed with new release. Now the event sequence is correct. UI will receive connect event followed by incoming event
2017 Jan 10TMAC2.1.01.10ChangeTextChat interaction changed to receive Json data from chat server
2017 Jan 05TMAC2.1.01.05NewVoice channel supervisro barge-in feature added
2017 Jan 05TMAC2.1.01.05NewSupervisor module for voice barge-in
2017 Jan 05TMAC2.1.01.05ChangeFor voice call transfer, use agent station instead of agent login ID (configurable)
2016 Dec 30TMAC2.0.12.30NewTMAC changed to work with SIP CTI server to control SIP calls
2016 Nov 17TMAC2.0.11.17NewCapture agent state changes to database table
2016 Nov 17TMAC2.0.11.17NewSimpleTextChat channel to use Tetherfi workQueue routing (no ACD voice calls)
2016 Nov 16TMAC2.0.11.16ChangeIf TSAPI security login fails during voice process recover, try it again when a command is triggered.
GetTServers method call made configurable
2016 Nov 06TMAC2.0.11.06ChangeIf the voice library channel creation failes during recovery, keep trying to recover on each command
2016 Nov 02TMAC2.0.11.02ChangeEnhancements to control agents from using same station and agent id for different logins. Specially when agents use hard phone to logoff and login
NewAgent time track table added to capture agent login time and skill details in database
2016 Oct 31TMAC2.0.10.31NewTetherfi SIP phone with TMAC SIP CTI released
EMM2.0.10.31NewOutlook plugin based email management and routing features added
2016 Oct 20TMAC2.0.10.20FixTMAC memory leak caused by service references fixed
ChangeRemoved old email channel unused source codes completely
2016 Sep 27TMAC2.0.09.27FixAES recovery issues fixed for 64 bit mode (when using voice process)
1. If the agent logout happens during AES recovery loop, TMAC show exit the loop and stop trying to recover
2. If TMAC could not recover any of sessions within 900 interactions, it should not kill TMAC process. Instead, it should kill the relevant voice process.
3. Voice process should have more than one way to detect TMAC process availability.
a. Check parent process by process ID
b. Try connecting to TMAC server over WCF (pipe). If this fails, voice process can consider that TMAC is not available
2016 Sep 23EMM2.0.09.23NewEmail sending enabled using EWS. Now EMM supports SMTP and EWS both
2016 Sep 16TMAC2.0.09.16NewEvaluation lisence introduced for TMAC server
NewSelective listening hold feature added
2016 Sep 09TMAC2.0.09.09FixAgent session timeout monitoring issue fixed (for session based minitoring)
WorkQueue2.0.09.09ChangeWork queue DB write special character handling
2016 Sep 07TMAC2.0.09.07NewInteraction recovery for all channels except TextChatInteraciton completed
TMAC UINewVoice tab icon added
2016 Sep 01TMAC2.0.09.01NewTMAC changes for voice conference – conference comment, blind and consult indicator in all conf events
2016 Aug 28TMAC2.0.08.28FixNon real time interaction routing issue fixed
2016 Aug 26TMAC2.0.08.26ChangeControlling (blocking) multiple concurrent login requests from UI
NewSupervisor bargein features added to TMAC server voice channel.
ChangeGetTServers command disabled:
TSAPI GetTServers command was causing lot of delay when any of configured AES servers are not available on network. This was causing the TMAC UI Login command to timeout. With this new TMAC release, GetTServers command is no longer used. Users will not see the available TLinks in log files anymore (This method cannot be invoked in a separate thread because it might lead to access violations and corrupted memory in TSAPI library)
NewBlind conference and Blind transfer method for Voice exposed to UI
NewWork Queue routing logic made configurable
2016 Aug 10TMAC2.0.08.10NewSMS survery enablded for voice calls
2016 Jul 22TMAC SDK2.0.07.22Newconference blind and treansfer blind in tmac sdk
2016 Jul 12TMAC2.0.07.12NewNew EMC email channel integrated with TMAC (EMC works with Avaya AACC)
2016 Jul 05AuthServer2.0.07.05NewHA introduced for Auth server
2016 Jul 04TMAC2.0.07.04NewLimit call feature:
Limit call feature (Feature access code) allows the agents to limit the incoming calls when they are handling a call. New TMAC version supports enabling and disabling this feature automatically based on incoming voice call properties and agent tab count properties.
When agent receives inbound ACD call, TMAC will dial limit call fac (configured in CM) number from the second line of the station even before answering the call. Once the fac call is disconnected, incoming call will be auto answered based on configuration.
And, when this incoming call is completed, TMAC will dial the limit call disable FAC to disable it.
Dialing FAC is decided based on few parameters in config.
NewAnotherAgentConferencedCallToMeEvent and AnotherAgentTransferedCallToMeEvent send implemented:
Previous TMAC had these two events but was never sent to UI. With this new version, both these events will be sent to UI so the UI can act accordingly.
AnotherAgentTransferedCallToMeEvent – this event is triggered when another agent transferred a call to this agent and completed the transfer successfully.
AnotherAgentConferencedCallToMeEvent – this event is triggered when another agent conferenced a call with this agent and completed the conference successfully.
2016 June 24TMAC, EMM2.0.06.24ChangeEmail handling totally moved to EMM.
2016 June 22TMAC2.0.06.22FixAgent session mixing issue fix:
Agent A logged in to station A1. And A logoff using the hard-phone and immediately login to another station (B1) using TMAC UI. At this time, the previous agent session (A+A1) becomes dangling. And it will keep monitoring the A1 station and cause unexpected results.
As a fix to this issue, we now do three step validation while agent login. 1. Check if the same station and agent id is used, 2. Check if the station id is used, 3. Check if the agent id is used. Above option #1 and #2 logic was already there in previous version. #3 logic was added later. So if the same agent tries to login to different station while he/she is having a session in TMAC server, it will first terminate the old session before creating the new session
FixAgent logout -1000 issue :
In session timer expired, when we try TSAPI agent logout we get -1000 as a result code when the agent is logged in to different station than this session. If this happens we terminate the session.
2016 June 02TMAC2.0.06.02FixDuring the BlindTransfer, TMAC will receive Initiated and Originated event once the Transfer is initiated. In some instances, above events were received even before the TSAPI Transfer method call return or both happens at the same time with very small gap (less than 30 ms). Due to this, TMAC could not differentiate above “initiate” and “originate” events for transfer and normal outbound calls. The issue was addressed by adding a mutex lock for transfer and conference scenarios. Though it was observed only in blind transfer, there is a chance that it might happen for normal transfers and conferences. So we have done the fix for both transfer and conference.
2016 May 20WorkQueue2.0.05.20NewHA introduced for work queue
2016 May 17TMAC2.0.05.17NewDeflectCall for TextChat channel:
Deflect call feature added for text chat channel. If agent receives a text chat call while he is working on a voicecall, then the textchat cannot be auto answered. TMAC server will check the start time of this text chat call using UCID epoch time and decide if the call has to be deflected to another VDN.
NewSave interaction data to database:
TMAC will now write interaction data to a new table which can be used for reporting purpose. Below information will be added to database:
Channel, CreateTime, PhoneNumber, SesisonID (UCID), AgentID, VDN, Queue, CloseTime
2016 May 12TMAC SDK2.0.05.12Newtmac client sdk for js released
2016 May 09TMAC2.0.05.09NewNew method “GetAgentListStaffed”:
New method exposed in TMAC server and Proxy for UI to get a list of logged-in agents from both primary and secondary TMAC servers. The result is similar to existing “GetAgentList” but the return data is different. “GetAgentList” returns the agent list from DB tables.
NewLog AES socket connection data:
TMAC server will log the socket details once the AES SecurityLogin is success. The log line will have AES IP and port which voice library processes is connected to. Logs will be printed in main server log and voice process logs
NewEmail Merge, Split, Bulk reply, Bulk Transfer
NewSMS and FB bulk response
NewVoice process named pipe channel recovery:
TMAC code modified to add recovery options for voice process named pipe channel fault states. If the TMAC to voice process communication channels enters any fault state, two things can be done: (configurable in TMAC server config)
⦁ Terminate and recreate voice process
⦁ Recreate the named pipe channel
2016 May 03TMAC UINewcxdata panel – call button added
Append the email sesison id to subject while sending out (front-end)
Non-editable email content in editor
2016 Apr 28TMAC2.0.04.28ChangeSMS and FB code moved out from TMAC to SMS manager and FB manager
NewSMS and FB post bulk close in workbenck
NewCCL and history tagging
Email bulk reply and close in workbench