IW Release Notes

06-30- selection introduced.
07-05- node introduced.
Callflow Scheduler, which would schedule for an approval to a future date or time introduced.
Provision for comments on the callflow made.
Conditional rule introduced.
Modules introduced and are stored in JSON format.
07-16- an issue on node displacement on callflow save.

Scheduler bugs fixed.

NewIW Licensing introduced.

Audit Trail introduced.

Maker, Checker roles introduced. An user can be either one of them.

Callflow Version Control introduced. User can revert to a specific version.

07-19- deletion option for conditional node provided.
07-23- callflow option provided.

Multiple node dragging implemented.

Confirmation on node drag and drop provided. It is configurable.

Callflow status notifications provided.

07-27- side logging enabled. Client logs are logged in the server.

DTMF for menu option generated automatically.

Callflow comments provided.

08-07-172.0.08-07NewEntry/Exit node introduced which is used for linking a huge callflow.
08-19- implemented. It helps the designer to simulate a callflow.
08-29- node introduced.
EnhancementDTMF for Main Menu, Previous menu and Repeat provided.
09-14- and Intent Master introduced.
09-20- Time callflow report introduced.
09-26- node title, now appears after callflow reload.
EnhancementDashboard Enhancement.

Tab feature is provided for the callflows.

License grace period of 30 days is provided.

09-27- Legs(intents) showing multiple records based on languages selected.When intentMappingis enabled, it should have single record (not language based).
N Menu node, if it is a Language node, tag options should display only selected Languages from DNIS.
NewNew user Role ‘Previewer’ implemented. Previewer can just view the callflow.
09-29- loading of dashboard feature is provided.

When nodes are copied and pasted, option is provided to include node connections.

IW Page will retain to original(last) selected tab during Save/Edit Callflow (feature asked by Vinoth).

10-03- Callflow feature is implemented.

Callflow Import feature is implemented

10-10- is checked for its existence in the callflow.
10-16- Graph Report given.
10-17- export to excel option provided.
Tabular view for real time callflow report is provided. TLS/SSL connection between client and Interpreter implemented.
FixPhrase folder _ (underscore ) issue fixed.
19-10-20172.0.10.19EnhancementIndividual and all comments can be deleted.

Multi Interpreter sync feature is provided for the callflows whose status is Save/Delete/Approve. Now
user can Re-submit failed interpreter syncs.

FixIssue of modules not loading in the IE (IE 11 doen’t supports ‘JS include’ command) fixed.
10-20- segment column added to the Intent Master.
10-21- deletion feature implemented. When there are no legs associated to the module, system will allow to delete the module nodes.
FixRemove connections between Conditional Legs and any other nodes and recreate the same.

A additional NextNodeId is added to the Conedional Leg.This issue is fixed
Condtional Leg Rules are now hilighted in Green.

10-22- postioning during node drag issue is fixed. Now, if the user drags the node to top negative position, it will reset back to default position.
EnhancementModule Refresh feature is implemented
10-24- . a new node introduced alternate for language selection
NewWeb Sync implemented. It allows the callflow to sync to multiple servers.
10-25- Intent name issue fixed. Earlier intents was showing in all CAPS, now shows the intens as it is
10-28- can be uploaded to Intent Master from a .csv file.
FixConditional node ‘default’ legs not deleting issue fixed.
10-29- Graphical View feature is provided.
FixReal Time tabular issue related menu legs is fixed.
11-08- of subnodes under the main node incorrect issue fixed.
Phrase was not deleting when phase name contains multiple dot(.).
EnhancementReal time report loads the data based on given VDN.
Analysis count report – Removed 0 from being shown in all nodes except for the menu nodes as requested since count for these nodes are not evaluated.
NewTTS introduced. It allows the user to convert text to speech and download converted wav file to the local machine.
11-10- time or Analysis count report option is given to identify the report type.
11-12- Websync, HTTP certificate binding for Webservice to make SSL/TLS connection.
11-14- analysis count report, data to be displayed is changed in the front end in terms of percentage access count for each menu.

Made the callflow and datetime selection window to pop up by default when opening the report page.

Made Dnis to be fetched from the drop down list when calling RefreshcallFlowData method.

11-15- taking flow implemented.
11-17- were not packed during Approval/build package.

Connections between order take and other nodes unsuccessful when deleted and reconnected.

Order take node title changed to Prompt & Collect.

EnhancementWebSync for Master data.
Dashboard build package made asynchronous.
11-23- list inside Agent node issue fixed.

Announcement node comments not updating issue fixed.

Intents not updating in callflow header issue fixed.

Filepicker alignment issue during variable adding issue is fixed.

EnhancementDashboard is made more responsive.

Access count percentage shown.

Created a new layout for Analysis Count Report so that it does not conflict with Real Time Report.

During callflow revert, it syncs to multiple servers.

Analysis Graph Report Flow now shows order take node.

11-24- name was not showing in the Order take flows.

EnableOrdertake value was not saving.

User ID is now updating for Callflows.

11-30- Master can be downloaded in .csv format.

Interpreter Security Protocol and Certificate path moved from web.config to JSON file to avoid multiple server issues.
Customer Segment in Intent master made not mandatory.

FixFixed a bug where blank records were getting inserted in the exported intents.csv.
12-12- delete option for Checker.

Removed delete option for Appropriate callflows for Maker.

Removed the appearance of ‘create order take’ option from Checker.

Checker DNIS is now displayed in call flow details of Checker.

Fixed an issue where the validation for intent wasn’t working as expected.

Call flow with duplicate intents not allowed.

FixJSON File size increased for Intents Master.
Conditional rule name now is mandatory.
12-14- Intents in Intent master can be done successfully.
EnhancementLarge callflows can now be loaded. More than 1.5 MB Large size of JSON data can now be passed from Client to Server.
12-15- can delete callflows only if they are in SAVED and DRAFT state.
TTS option is removed for Checker. Synonyms field in Menu node made mandatory.
12-18- Callflow information, ‘DNIS’ changed to ‘Intent’ for order take callflows. Clear callflow sync notification option provided.
EnhancementIW supports below configuration :





EnableRuleMaster Callflow comments: The comments icon is hidden in start page and shown only when a callflow is loaded.

Delete button is shown when maker is in Draft mode.

12-19- & collect icon added in the dashboard.
Now, DNIS in Intent master accepts only numbers.
12-21- getting cleared of Prompt & collect node on ‘Node save’ issue fixed.

Maker DNIS is shown instead of checker DNIS to the previewer issue fixed.

‘Create order take’ & ‘TTS’ options are hidden from the previewer.

In ‘Prompt & collect’ node, min length & max length can’t be 0.

In ‘TTS’, voice contents can’t be blank.

wav filename having more than one word was not getting played in WAV file selection.

Upon clicking on ‘Comments’ in ‘comments’ section, all comments of all the callflows were hidden.

EnhancementDelete callflow’ option is now ONLY provided for maker in ‘draft’ mode or ‘saved’ mode.For IW user privileges, if the user is only ‘maker’, role is ‘maker’. If the user is only ‘checker’, role is ‘checker’. Otherwise, if there are multiple privileges, role is ‘previewer’.
01-25- to Interpreter issue fixed.
EnhancementPrompt and Collect node is available for all callflows.
Node ID is introduced to DNIS, Menu, Prompt & Collect, Announcement node for reporting.
NewDisconnect’ node implemented.
01-27- property introduced in DNIS / Order Take / Menu / Announcement :
a. Inter Digit Timeout – digits , default will be configurable
b. First Digit Timeout – digits , default True
c. Bargein
02-07- is now showing all the phrases that are currently playing with blink animation.This will help the callflow designer to see which phrase is currently playing.

Added session variables in Rule master- Operational-variables dropdown.

Removed Node ID from Prompt & Collect node.

FixModule exit node can now be connected to Disconnect node.
02-08- down scenario handled while creating a new flow.
02-09- between menu and conditional exit /module exit node issue fixed.
EnhancementDateRange Rule is implemented.
02-11- multiple servers, if one server is down and user is trying to update/save the callflow, it was not refreshing in the front-end, even if the callflow updates in the backend.

Now all interpreter down scenarios will show an error code -8 saying interpreter not reachable

02-26- Checker feature implemented. Now, user can be both maker and checker. The person who created/edited the callflow cannot approve the same.
02-27- Announcement node, Barge-in checkbox not updating issue fixed.
03-07-18EnhancementOptions for PnC node. PnC node allows multiple exits.
03-11- were not uploading to the interpreter during Callflow import.

‘Name’ property added to the Agent node. When there are no intents configured, a name will be shown in the agent node label.

Conditional and module exit nodes size reduced.

Simulator was not playing phrases when phrase variables are present in the phrase list.

While setting Invalid Prompt1 phrases, all the Invalid prompt2 phrases were getting cleared.

TTS is now configurable.

EnhancementNumber of tabs per page is configurable. Excess tabs will be showon in a popup/Droupdown
03-12- allows the user to save the flow when the interpreter is down and re-submit when the interpreter in up.
03-22-18FixSelected tab name in tab dropdown appear in dropdown header.
When a node is in edit, restrict sqitching of tabs
03-23- Tab name issue fixed
EnhancementModule allows textarea control type.

‘Module Refresh’ button updates the newly added modules in the callflow

‘Module Refresh’ allows/prompts callflow designers to update callflow with recently modified modules

03-27- callflow comments are stored in comments JSON file. Export to Excel for Callflow Comments is provided.
Audit Trail Reporting enhancements.
NewPhrases of a callflow are shown in Phrases View. Export to Excel for Callflow Phrases is provided.
04-03- Comments from callflow JSON is discontinued.

Tab name is shown and node type is hidden for each entry of phrase in phrases grid.

Enhancements for Audit Trail Reporting.

Only one default tab allowed. Default tab cannot be deleted.

Upon creating new tab, open the same.

Audit trailing is done on deletion of a flow.

Phrase grid shown to checker and previewer.

Exporting phrases to a file changed from excel to csv.

Connection issue where announcement or assignment node could connect to module exit and conditional exit node.

Comments are added when a flow is scheduled.

04-25-18FixComments are now added to the callflow for approval only if it is successful.

ViewEntryPointConnections is now visible when a flow is in saved status.

Formatting of ViewEntryPointConnections table.

Close window on preview different callflow version.

Added PnC icon in dashboard.

05-04- Time report option is configurable.
FixIssue where import option was not working in IE is fixed.
Issue where a function didn’t allow IW to load in IE due to default strict mode.
05-10- where an user can approve his own flow sent for approval after role change to CHECKER.
05-18- flow is displayed to the checker and CHECKERDRAFT to the maker.

Cut-Paste & Copy-Paste related fixes.

DNIS fields doesn’t accept ‘e’.

Checker comments can be added now to the assignment node.

Checker comments can now be added if the user has maker and checker roles.

On edit of the assignment node, latest checker comment is loaded.

Few icons were not shown in Intent Master because of an unknown issue.

Scheduler date time picker related fixes.

User cannot edit the flow rejected by him when he is a maker and a checker.

Module exit can now connect to assignment node, PnC node.

EnhancementAudit trail related changes.User can add the duplicate phrases in the phrase selection.

Flow build/package option is removed for the previewer.

Better filter option provided for the column ‘Rule Type’ in ‘Set Rules’ in Conditional node.

Only DRAFT and SAVED flows can be copied using ‘Copy Callflow’ option.

Flow options are provided as per flow status. For e.g.: Only ‘Save’ option is provided when the flow is in edit mode.

Only the checker who scheduled a callflow can cancel it.

05-23- auditing on flow deletion removed.Module update is audited now.

Checker comments are audited now.

An issue where module could not be deleted if there are only one module and a DNIS node.

Other checkers, now , can’t approve or reject or schedule flows of which they don’t have ownership.

While writing comments on flow save, if an user has two roles, both the roles are written instead of MAKER.

Flow revision control is only provided for flow in DRAFT status.

An issue where the deletion of module node caused audit trail bug and other issues.

Audit Trail Report(ATR) fixes and enhancements.

An issue where upon tab deletion, entry point dependency was not taken into consideration.

An issue when the checker schedules the flow when it is in SENDTOAPPROVAL, the ownership of the flow was not changing.

Approve and Reject flow options allowed only for the flow owners(CHECKER).

Exit point comment is now saved.

An issue where the phrases reordering was not working due to previous ‘duplicate phrase’ enhancement.

24-Jun-18EnhancementDashboard supports callflow search by DNIS (Maker/Checker).
26-Jun-18FixReal time report is visible even after disabling it in the configuration.
29-Jun-18FixIssue where the filter of IsInclude column in rule selection grid was not showing results for value ‘false’.
6-Jul- where the approved flow was getting deleted in the destination syncing server when the flow was drafted into a new version.
FixComments JSON of a flow is now synced along with the flow.
13-Jul- UnMasking, Dynamic Menu

New feature Mask/Unmask is implemented to menu and Announcements node

Upon masking, option in connection will display in gray colour in UI

System will allow ‘M’ option node when all connections are masked.

EnhancementRefresh button is added in Rule master window
EnhancementData from GlobalVars.js moved to GlobalData.js (For keeping data and configurations separately)
FixRules are getting deleted during multiple user edit/add rules
FixTab copy/Cut paste was hiding tab submenus when number of tabs exceeds 3
17-Aug- ‘PlayWithNextMenu’ option to indicate whether announcement has to grouped with next menu or play it there itself.
EnhancementMenu and PNC node option shuffling.
Callflow designers can easily shuffle menu/pnc legs by using drag and drop feature.
EnhancementGlobal Phrase Upload
EnhancementGlobal Key Configuration
EnhancementImplemented Versions logic for all source code
EnhancementMax length validation rule for PNC node
EnhancementIW supports Annonymus user Access
FixIW supports IE10 and above browsers
EnhancementCross -Site Request Forgery (CSRF)
11-Sep- contents can be copied from one callflow to another callflow usint Ctrl +C and Ctrl+V
All masters Interpreter & Web Sync
Cut, Copy nodes feature only copies nodes from the tab and not all the children.
Global configuration is now configurable for display.
Global configurations, Rules specific to the callflow are shown.
Tab shuffling is implemented.
Digit time out option allows decimals.
Flows are synced across servers even when the interpreter(s) are down.
Restricting Multiple DRAFT version of the callflow from Approved version
FixCommments JSON is included now in build/package and import flow.
PNC maxlength ValidateTime was showing option level rules.
31-Oct- Forms enabled for Previewer and Checker role in Readonly mode
Failed Sync Notifications JSON is web synced now.
All the operational rules(including the rules which are not used in callflow) are displayed in Rule master even if callflow specific option is set to TRUE. (This feature is only specific to IRAS)
Wav file name validation:
Special characters are not allowed except underscore. Wav file name starting with underscore is also treated as invalid file.
Owner level callflow:
Only the callflows for which EDIT option is enabled in OCM will displayed to the user
On double clicking on Exit point, will navigate to entry node
Assignment value search is disabled
FixLogout button is redirecting to landing page in IE
Re-submit issue of Rule, Intent, Global config masters.
IW Chat Bot implemented
Addition DisplayText property added to the module.json., to give detailed lable in the UI
Action Node implemented.
FixUpon approving and scheduling the callflow, node blink will be stopped
Scheduler was creating a additional callflow at interpreter level when status of the callflow was SENDTOAPPROVAL
6-Feb- Token implementedAgent node supports dynamic configuration

AnonymAccess : OCM sends username in encrypted format

New functionality is added in OCM to provide access to InteractionWorkflow Chat page

NodeId is added for all the nodes except Entry and Exit nodes for Reporting purpose.

Node search feature is implemented and it is configurable

Single code base IWIVR is implemented

Fix‘System error’ while importing a flow – Fixed

Synonyms are not deleting when menu options are removed.

Synonyms get deleted when new version of the callflow is created

Node level access is not working
4-Apr- Session dashboard feature implementedSticky note feature implemented

Subflow feature is implemented

Flow connector and return node added

Flow filter is added in dashboard

Copy callflow is implemented for ordertake flow and subflow

Override configuration key is added in Subflow nodes

17-Jun- Workflow Type is added for Audit trial reportMenu id, description and name is changed to Node id, name and description

Exit node Value, Exit Node Description, Total call count and Customer info table is added in real time session dashboard

Now Dnis node initial prompt/text will not be inherited to Menu node

Version column is added in comment window

Rules are made scrollable

Updating Audit trial report for Masters

Allowing underscore while creating a ordertake flow

Rules Viewer option is provided

Websync process will sync only used phrases used in a callflow

Sticky note – text area is provided

Is Global phrase flag is added in Phrase window

Phrase viewer support phrase description


Generic Synonym master feature is added

Add mentioned keys in ApplicationConfiguration.json

Byspassed a check for anti-forgery validation for non-ajax requests of Chat images upload.

Validation for video in iw chat

Fixed an issue where when conditional node is copied, rules are not copied.

Fixed an issue where retrieving licence would fail if there are other products licence along with IW.

hiding flow connector save button for checker

July 04, 20193.1.07.04NewNew design of import flow implemented.
Audit Trail provided for : Masters, Copy flow, flow creation, new version flow creation, flow deletion, revert flow, Conditional exit node addition and deletion.
FixFixed an issue where chat images were not able to upload.Fixed an issue where Websync dll version was not displayed in system file versions window.

Fixed issues where global phrases in phrases window of a flow, were not able to download, upload or play a phrase.

Fixed an issue where add and save buttons were not shown in Synonym master is the opened flow was in status other than DRAFT.

Fixed an issue where wav files added to the agent node is not displayed if we maximize the window.

Fixed an issue where key added to intent master is not displayed properly if it is too long.

EnhancementReduced unnecessary DB hits.Upon saving a flow, instead of syncing all the phrases used in a flow, only the phrases which were added or updated in that save are synced.

IW application type is mentioned in Audit trail.

Fixed an issue where masters won’t be maximized in IE.

User icon of the navbar changed.

Re-ordered Navbar icons.

Changed flow notification refresh rate from minutes to seconds. Currently, set to 30. The key is “NotificationRefreshRate” in GlobalVars.js

30 July, 20193.1.07.30FixSession Dashboard:
Total call count will change now, when we filter a record
Proper count of the entries are shown at the footer now
EnhancementSession Dashboard:Flow name is displayed in the grid

Following KPI’s are displayed: Total Time Spent, Average Time Spent, Total Interactions Transferred to Agent, Total Self Service Interactions

Clear option is provided

Transfer Skill and Transfer VDN option is provided

2 Aug, 20193.1.08.02FixUpdating js file version numbers in System File version window

When creating a new draft flow from approved flow, ‘CHECKERDRAFT’ and ‘CHECKERSAVED’ flow exit error message is thrown now.

EnhancementSearch option is provided in Session DashboardAudit report updation for Synonym master

Removed DNIS and Intent from navigation header while loading the flow from dashboard

Removed user Role from information section

Module search is implemented

13 Aug, 20193.1.08.13EnhancementIW Master Access Matrix:
Now access to the IW masters, Create new IWFlow, Create New OrderTake Flow and Create New Subflow options for IWIVR is provided through OCM
27 Aug, 20193.1.08.27FixSynonym master option should display only after loading the callflow
EnhancementHistorical KPI DashboardKPI values are removed from session dashboard

Enable GlobalPhraseApproval menu for previewer

5 Sept, 20193.1.09.05EnhancementNew UI for Historical KPI Dashboard is privided
Hotkey option is provided for IW IVR
17 Oct, 20193.1.10.17EnhancementEnable Tracking Property introduced for Menu,Announcemens,PNC and Agent nodes to track in real-time reportingEnablePhraseWebSync key is added in webconfig to enable phrase sync during websync

System supports username containing special characters